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Help your child reach his or her academic potential at The Renaissance Academy!

Personalized academic enrichment classes, one-on-one academic tutoring, SSAT/PSAT/SAT test prep, virtual classroom learning support, and more to help students (aged 4-18) excel in school and beyond.

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About us

What Is The Renaissance Academy?

Founded in 1999, the Renaissance Academy is a learning and tutoring center located in Aiea, near Honolulu, Hawaii. Our team of highly-qualified and experienced teachers helps students (ages 4-18) gain the skills need for continuous academic growth. 

Knowing the value of personalized education, we strive for each of our students to become well-rounded and discover how he or she learns best. Many of our students have gone off to successfully attend some of the top prep schools and colleges in the nation, including Ivy League schools.

Our courses

How We Can Help Your Child 

Personalized Academic Enrichment

Your child’s path to academic success is unique. 

We offer personalized academic enrichment in mathematics, language arts, and Japanese language. Classes are available in-person or virtually.

One-on-One Academic Tutoring

Your child’s academic growth and learning can be maximized with the right support. 

We offer one-on-one tutoring in mathematics, language arts, writing, and Japanese language. Classes are available in-person or virtually.

Virtual Classroom Learning Support

You and your child may need help navigating the best way to learn from hybrid/virtual classrooms.

Students can come in-person to our classroom during regular school hours on their remote lesson days and connect to their school/classrooms from our facility.


Your child’s scores on the SSAT/PSAT/SAT can determine their readiness for top private schools and colleges. 

Our team of top-educated teachers offers personalized support and test preparation.  Lessons are available in-person or virtually.

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