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At The Renaissance Academy, we strive to provide your child with the optimal environment to learn and grow to his or her fullest academic potential.

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Taught online and onsite at our learning center near Honolulu, Hawaii, we offer

Personalized Academic Enrichment

Classes in mathematics, language arts, and Japanese language for students aged 4-18. 

Our personalized academic enrichment classes are perfect for your child no matter his or her current academic standing. We help students who are: 

  • Gifted and in need of academic challenges to continue improving outside of school 
  • Struggling and in need of extra support to catch up with their peers

Standardized Test Prep

Test prep courses for students preparing to take the SSAT, PSAT, or SAT. 

Our team of highly-qualified teachers and tutors teach these comprehensive courses to help students:

  • Achieve the test scores required for entrance into top private schools and colleges 
  • Increase their confidence and knowledge to perform well on these standardized tests 
  • Improve their scores by deepening their knowledge of the best test-taking strategies 

One-on-One Academic Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring in mathematics, language arts, and Japanese language for students aged 4-18.

If your child learns best with individualized support, we can help him or her: 

  • Boost their confidence to do well on class assignments and exams 
  • Prepare for the academic rigor of top private schools and colleges 
  • Excel in the subjects needed to do well on standardized tests


Virtual Classroom Learning Support

Assistance for families who need help managing challenges posed by the new remote/hybrid learning education model.

If you need support making sure your child stays on track while he or she is learning in a virtual classroom, we offer: 

  • Classroom reservations at our center during regular school hours for your child to connect to his or her virtual classroom (only on remote learning days) 
  • Technical and academic support to assist your child with this new style of learning 
  • Supervision to make sure your child attends and participates in all virtual lessons 
  • Coordination with your child’s teachers to keep track of assignments and deadlines  

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